domingo, 16 de dezembro de 2007

Devem igrejas opinar dessa forma? (2)

Que fique claro que eu tenho vários amigos ortodoxos. Nada contra eles. Bem, podemos concluir que os nossos irmãos russos gostam bastante de política:

Orthodox leaders rally to oppose Kosovo independence

Warsaw (ENI). Serbia's predominant Orthodox church has launched a diplomatic drive among church leaders abroad to prevent an expected UN vote to allow the independence of Kosovo from Serbia. "By supporting this independence drive by Albanians living in Kosovo, the West forgets the hurt suffered in recent years by the Orthodox Serbs who live there," Russian Orthodox Patriarch Alexei II of Russia told Serbia's Vecernje Novosti newspaper on 8 December. [376 words, ENI-07-0971]

Fonte: ENI

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