terça-feira, 26 de junho de 2007

Notas da semana

Recebemos a nota da terceira prova de micro. Das duas primeiras, ainda nada sabemos curiosamente. Eu tirei 3,5: uma nota ruim. Alguns outros também tiraram notas baixas. Muitas reflexões, mas não é hora pra isso: quinta temos prova de Econometria


Notícias das igrejas do Canadá de um assunto que tratei a pouco:

Canadian churches reject same-sex blessings

Vancouver (ENI). Canada's Anglican and Lutheran churches have each turned down proposals to approve ceremonies of blessing for same-sex unions. The general synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, meeting in Winnipeg, narrowly defeated a resolution that would have allowed dioceses to decide for themselves whether or not to bless same-sex unions. "There is disappointment - a lot of pain. Some people will be saying, 'How long, O Lord, how long?'" said Bishop Fred Hiltz of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, who was elected during the synod to be the denomination's new primate, or national archbishop. Meeting separately in Winnipeg, delegates to the convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada defeated a proposal to introduce same-gender blessings by a vote of 200 to 181. The Lutheran convention in 2005 defeated a similar proposal.

Este blog não pretende nem ser homofóbico nem ser pró-homossexual.


E pra quem já ouviu falar nos Cursos Alpha:

New book analyses 'Alpha' phenomenon

London (ENI). Adverts on the backs of buses, in taxis, on billboards and in newspapers for "Alpha courses", a popular introduction to the essentials of Christianity, are familiar to many people in Britain and further afield. Alpha's organisers claim that more than 8 million people worldwide have now attended one of their courses, and that more than 7000 churches in Britain and Ireland, and more than 30 000 around the world, have been signed up to run Alpha courses. But according to Andrew Brookes, editor of "The Alpha Phenomenon", a new book about the introductory course on Christianity, few churches see sustained growth as a result of Alpha alone. "Most Alpha churches only run the course five and a half times, and not enough to get serious outreach. I think this is an area which needs much more attention," Brookes said.
:: "The Alpha Phenomenon" (ISBN 978-0-85169-331-6; 10.99 British pounds plus 3 pounds handling charge per order) is available from CTBI Publications, 4 John Wesley Road, Werrington, Peterborough, PE4 6ZP. Orders on line at www.ctbi.org.uk. [504 words, ENI-07-0493]

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Ricardo Agostini Martini disse...

Eu tomei 4,8 na primeira prova de Econometria, e na última, que eu não vi a nota ainda, minhas perspectivas não são nada boas.

Mas mestrado é assim mesmo: provas passadas não movem moinhos.