domingo, 6 de maio de 2007

Ecumenism for what?

Apenas um pequeno escrito em inglês sobre Ecumenismo. Correções e comentários são bem-vindos.
Just a brief text about Ecumenism. Corrections and comments are welcome.

Every day I receive news and higlights from several ecumenical agencies. Since I have to represent the Lutheran Church in the WCC Comission of International Affairs, I need to know everything I can about the ecumenical world.

Reading that news, sometimes it seems to me that Ecumenism is almost an end in itself. In a certain sense, Ecumenism is fundamental: it is related to the unity of the body of Christ, as Paul wrote in the letter to the Ephesians. However, Ecumenism exists because of Christ, because we have to witness our common faith. We must be a guiding light for all who are "out of the boat", i.e., it is directly related to the Mission of the Church. We must call everyone to be brothers and sisters and to recognize the resurrection of Christ.

On the other side, Ecumenism and all the structure built by the member churches of WCC can be a great instrument to serve God. Service is not only helping people who are suffering. We help them because we are Church and our faith lead us to walk towards those who are victims of all kinds of tragedies. That's why churches have to speak about economic development, poverty and dignity. But we are not a human rights NGO, we are Church - i.e., faith has a fundamental role. Unfortunately, the Western society secularization influences our member churches and sometimes, people do not see us as Church, but simply as a progressive organization that can help NGO's.

Deep spirituality must walk hand in hand with willingness to serve. We hope God may bless us and lead us to achieve these goals jointly. Needless to say, I expect that the Comission of International Affairs may be an instrument of God's will. Amen.

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